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Having issues with writing cover letters?

Good day, young Job seekers! I trust we are doing great today. It's nice to be taking you on this journey today, I am Judith and I would be dropping some points on COVER LETTER! Whose excited? Quickly,  what is a COVER LETTER? Hmm... A Big question if you ask me, but in simple terms, a cover letter is letter that covers, I.e it gives details about the undercovered aspects or areas of your cv or resume. Let me add that recently I found that resumes are not only for the purpose of job searching but that's a topic for another day. So back to our discussion, "cover letter", I said a cover gives details of your resume, you want to talk about the wonderful things and why you are the best for the job,  a cover letter is a place to do it, you can either make or mar your chances of getting "that job/appointment by your cover letter. Your would-be employer "meets" you before he meets you via your cover letter. More often than not your cover letter gives a vivid
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23 Interview Dressing Tips

Going for an Interview Dressing for the interview is another important aspect of any interview, it is where you get to show yourself how ready you are for work, besides, your dressing leaves the first impression with the interviewer(s) as you might not get the second impression to prove otherwise. Therefore, these should be noted. All clothes should be neatly pressed. Conservative two -piece business suite (solid dark blue or gray is best). Clean, polished, conservative shoes. Clean and well groomed hairstyle. Clean, trimmed fingernails. Minimal cologne or perfume. Empty pockets, no bulging pockets. No gum, candy or cigarettes. Phone must be silenced or switched off. For Men Necktie should be neat with a conservative pattern. Dark shoes (black lace ups are best) clean and polished. Dark socks (black is best). Short hairs are best in interviews. Beards, mustache should be kept neat and trimmed. No earrings. No heavy cologne. For


Interview Questions Our nation is blessed with a large number of qualified candidates seeking for limited job vacancies. The competition for this job opportunity is intense. You get asked a question for which you have no idea how to answer... You stammer, blush, and finally blot out one lame answer. You felt embarrassed because, you can read the hiring manager reaction. He releases you from the interview and as you go home, you slap yourself, wondering, how could you have performed so badly. The deed is done, you were not called back . And the job opportunity goes to someone whose CV wasn't as impressive as yours, but unknown to you, that person had polished interview skills. If only you knew the right words to say, how to answer question correctly and how to compose yourself, you could have gotten the job. The key is to give better answers than anyone else. To do this, you must anticipate likely questions, Develop excellent answers, Practice! You must be optimis

Why, Business Resgistration?

Many people undermine,the importance of having their business registed, owning to ignorance and fear of cost on the other hand, little do they know that, the benefits far outweighs whatever fear or doubts they may be having. The truth is you can't proudly say, you own a business, or call yourself an entrepreneurs or a business man or woman when such business does not have legal backing or it is not registered. Without much ado, I will share a story with you to drive home my point. Sharon had just graduated from the University, while awaiting clarion call, she decided to learn fashion designing, which has been her passion all these years, she often daydream seeing herself doing sowing but since she couldn't combine academics with the hassle of learning fashion. She has waited for this time to come. She registered in a fashion school in the town she lives, she was learning steadily, four months into the training, clarion call finally came, she received her call -up lette

Invest in Yourself

If you want to invest in something with minimum risk and guarantee big return, invest in yourself. That's sounds ridiculous right? Well, it is the truth. It is high time, we preach, human investment, knowing full well, it cost little or nothing. So how we invest in ourselves. Take a ride with me as we look into how to achieve this..  1. Take online courses : Believe it, there are numerous advantages to online courses, with online courses, location is not a barrier, no dress code involved, you can combine with other activities or job if you have one, because you don't have to attend class at a specific time. If you have never been tech -savvy, online classes gives you that opportunity as you will need to navigate the course lectures, download materials ,interact with others online and communicate well digitally. No matter what your desire field of study is, you can find an online program that suits you. All you need is a computer or phone with an internet co

Apply for Tony Elumelu Foundation

We are now accepting applications for the 4th cycle of the  TEF Entrepreneurship Programme. Outstanding African entrepreneurs who have start-ups or business ideas with the potential to grow are encouraged to apply. Through this business development programme, we provide training, mentoring, funding and network access to catalyze growth in Africa’s most under valued resource- its entrepreneurs. Click here to APPLY I know we have many Entrepreneurs here reading and following our blogs; so try to take advantage of this. I applied last time , even when I knew I wasn't really ready, but, guess what, I have learnt a lot from that last application. So wheather you think your business is ready or not; just apply.... you never know what, you might get it at your first try.
If there are any female techies here, do consider applying for this and let me know if you need any help with understanding the application Last year this program help me put a lot of my tech business into perspective and it is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. I got to hang out with founders of top Silcon valley companies and learn from their experiences. Women in STEM are encouraged to apply.... Please share.